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State President and Hon. State Secretary’s message-June2016


Dear Members,

Dear Members,
Wishing you all a very very happy & safe summer season.  As you all must be experiencing the peak of this summer
while  this  bulletin  is  under  process  of  printing.  We  have previously mentioned in one of our message that day by day all  seasons  are  getting  harder  &  harder.  This  year  we  have witnessed severe heat wave. It was never experienced in last few years to our knowledge. Temperature has almost touched 50*c  this  season  in  almost  all  parts  of  the  state.  Various corporations have declared red & orange alerts for the same. We have included details of guidelines to combat heat wave elsewhere  in  this  issue.    And  let  us  reiterate  that  we  the human beings are responsible by & large for such a drastic climatic change. Its high time to have collective actions from all the fronts. Its not a job of any single agency or authority. It’s a  global  issue  &  critical  impact  of  over  ambitious
developmental process of human race.

Last month, biggest hot topic other than heat wave was NEET examination ruling by supreme court. Medical aspirant students & their parents have faced stressful period by sudden declaration  of  change  of  examination  pattern.  We  always welcome  NEET  as  it  provides  single  window  system  for admission  &  also  provides  transparency.  As  government  has cleared the confusion for current year students as of now, it seems now that NEET will be implemented from next year.

Medical   fraternity is passing through turmoil scenario. It faces lots of different kind of issues from all the corners. Like govt  policies,  CEA,  assault,  PCPNDT,  interpathy  practice issues,  issues  related  to  pharma  companies  &  commission, overall rising investment for establishment of private set ups, caping of charges, record keeping, corporatisation of medical practice 7 on & on & on. And hats off to our national leaders that they are powerfully dealing all the issues efficiently.
Our sincere request to all IMA members to support   whole heartedly for call of IMA.

Jay Hind, Jay IMA.



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