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Gujarat government announced its Medical Tourism Policy

Gujarat government announced its Medical Tourism Policy in December-2006 through a press release issued by the information department in the regular fold in the evening. It says that Gujarat Medical Tourism Council will be formed for planned implementation of the policy. It said that the policy is aimed at making Gujarat ultimate destination for people seeking medical facility world over. It claimed that a growth of 33 percent has been registered in the number of medical tourist in the state while the country has registered growth of 20 percent.

The policy is to create conducive atmosphere for medical tourism in the state. One of the objectives is to develop a medicity in Gujarat. It is to see that medical facilities in Gujarat are established in international field. One of the tasks of the policy is to plan international travel for visitors convenient and cost effective.

Under the policy the government will help insurance companies develop different packages of international standard. The policy also envisages world-class medical facilities with public participation. It will also set up standards of hospital accreditation and entrepreneurs in the field of medical tourism.

Available Medical Facilities
Most sought-after Super-Specialties: Cardiology, Neuro-Surgery, Infertility treatment, Orthopedics, Eye Surgery, Dental treatment and Cosmetic Surgery

» Gujarat offers holistic medicinal service and cost effective treatment through various Districts Hospitals, Sub-districts Hospitals and Private Specialty Hospitals.
» The most sought-after super-specialties in Gujarat include cardiology, neuro-surgery, orthopedics, infertility treatment and eye surgery.
» Other services such as dental treatment and cosmetic surgery are also offered to international patients.
» Most of the Private Specialty Hospitals in Gujarat are located in Ahmedabad, Surat and Baroda.
» In addition, there are state-run hospitals for TB, Mental illness and Leprosy across the state.
» Traditional therapies such as yoga and ayurveda also available
» Multi-specialty hospitals with modern infrastructure
» MoUs signed with private hospitals for providing high-quality healthcare

A combination of many factors including state of the art infrastructure, corporate set ups, mediclaim and cashless facilities, well-trained and educated staff, latest and most modern technological link-ups and easy and rapid modes of communication with link-ups to most countries has led to availability of an array of medical tourism influx in Gujarat.

Inspite of all these, the economical and very affordable rates of medical testing and treatment has bridged the gap between availability of most modern facilities to the most common individual.

Branches of medical science involved include:

1. Medicine
2. Surgery
3. Obstetrics and Gynecology
4. Allied Branches
5. Alternative Medicine

Diversification in various branches has led to dramatic improvement in all superspecialities with regard to technology, knowledge and treatment.

a) Cardiology
» Coronary angiography
» Coronary angioplasty
» Coronary artery bypass grafting

b) Neurology
» Electro encephalograms
» Management of CV stroke, etc

c) Nephrology
» Renal dialysis
» Renal transplantation

d) Critical care
» Level III intensive care units
» Most modern ventilators, infusion pumps, etc

e) Endocrinology
» Diabetes management
» Thyroid disorders
» Growth hormone disorders

f) Pulmonology
» Chronic lung infections
» Tuberculosis management
» Asthma, fibrosis, etc

Highly skilled professionals associated with a well-trained and skilled staff working in state of the art operation theaters and hospitals has led to a vast improvement in handling almost all emergencies and routine surgeries with minimal access and decreased hospital stay.

a) Cardio-thoracic surgery
» Open heart surgeries
» Beating heart surgeries
» Congenital anomalies

b) Neurosurgery and traumatology
» Stereotactic brain and radio surgeries
» Neuroendoscopy
» Trigeminal neuralgia and pain management

c) Urology
» Stone clinics
» Minimally invasive surgeries

d) Cosmetic surgery
» Body contouring – breast reduction/upliftment, liposuction, etc
» Facial procedures including blepharoplasty
» Hair transplantation

e) Ophthalmology
» Laser surgeries for cataract, myopia, etc.
» Blepharoplasty
» Treatment for glaucoma, etc

f) Orthopedics
» Joint replacement surgery
» Arthroscopy
» Spine surgery

g) Oncosurgery
» Effective management through surgeries chemotherapy and radiotherapy

h) ENT surgery
» Ossiculoplasty
» Tympanoplasty
» Stapedotomy
» Laryngectomy

i) Minimally invasive surgery
» Neurosurgery
» Gastric and bariatric surgery
» Urosurgery

Obstetrics & Gynecology

a) Infertility treatment
b) In-vitro fertilization, ICSI, etc
c) Menopause clinics
d) Minimally invasive techniques for hysterectomy, myomectomy, etc
Allied Branches

a) Pathology
» State of the art infrastructure for hematology
» Immunohistochemistry, Cytopathology, Histopathology
» Bio-chemistry, Serology, etc
» Radio-immuno assay, Chemiluminescence, Bio-genetics
» Blood banking and transfusion therapy

b) Radiology
» CT scans, diagnostic ultrasound with 4D colour doppler
» Magnetic resonance imaging
» Interventional radiology
» Laser ablation therapy

d) Dentistry
» Root canal and dental implant
» Apicoectomy and gingivectomy
» Periodontal flap surgery

e) Preventive medicine
» Stress management
» Weight management
» Generalized health check ups
» Geriatric medicine
» Psychotherapy
Alternative Medicine

a) Ayurveda
» Rejuvenation of body systems
» Treatment of chronic illnesses

b) Yoga
» Rejuvenation of health
» Weight loss
» Stress relieving therapy
» Management of hypertension

d) Homeopathy
» Treatment of chronic illnesses
» Joint pain
» Asthma, rhinitis, etc


7. ECONOMICS – Health packages

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