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State President and Hon. State Secretary’s message-July 2016


Respected colleagues..
Indian Medical Association Family is growing & expanding every month. To remain as a family is need of hour in today’s world. June and July has got many important days which needs to be celebrated to impart   a  message of social activities.

5th  June  is  World  Environment  Day,  as  we  all  know  global warming is a major issue around the world. We should preserve our environment by using less electricity, saving water, avoiding plastic use maximum, using paper carry bags, communicating more through soft copies than hard copies. Let everyone of us plant single tree once in a life time with a tree guard of respective name and see that it is surviving and growing into a big tree- in your hospital, parks or may be street where your house is located. Preserve seeds of fruits and vegetables which are consumed by us in a bag rather than throwing them in dust bin; throw these seeds randomly on sides of highway before rains, we might get a tree.

14th June is World Blood Donor Day and 1st July is Doctor’s Day- We urge and request let blood donation be part of     our major activity. We should donate blood regularly at least twice a year. It is easiest   tissue donation which we can be done   three or four times a year. Let the blood donation be for needy patients of government hospitals so that patients who cannot afford single blood bag are not deprived of blood. On doctor’s day We just wish all  doctors  are  remaining  in  brotherhood  and  we  work  more  on improving doctor patient relationship and our approach to patient be  more  sympathetic.  Let  us  take  due  care  that  doctor  patient relationship is maintained in harmony.

21st  June  International  Yoga  Day-  Yoga  is  a  gift  given  by  our country  to  world.  We  are  living  a  stressful  life;  distressing  is desired  at  every  level-  especially  for  doctors.  Life  expectancy  of doctors is significantly lower than that of general public. So, Yoga should be part of our routine and we should celebrate International Yoga  Day,  We  are  sure  at  least  10  new  doctor  will  be  getting sensitized  to  yoga  and  making  it  regular  daily  habit.  Life  Style Diseases are grabbing our neck and Yoga is answer to most of the life style diseases.

We  desire  and  request  all  of  our  IMA  members  to  be  part  of GIMACON 2016 to be hosted at Rajkot on 15th & 16th October 2016. Conference is the place where we learn many things, where we  meet  old  friends  and  make  new  ones,  we  increase  our brotherhood, we have merry time, we interact and solve our petty misgivings, we make life time memories. Rajkot or Saurashtra or Kathiawad  is  always  famous  for  its  hospitality,  food  and
entertainment. Let us be part of it and let us motivate our friends to be  part  of  it-  because  IMA  is  our  parent  association  which  has always played pivotal role in life of each and every doctor.


Jay Hind, Jay IMA.



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