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State President and Hon. State Secretary’s message-Aug 2016


Dear Members,

At the onset We wish Happy Monsoon to you and your family members. We again wish that by the time you receive this bulletin, Gujarat would have adequate rain all over the state. As you all know, overall situation worldwide is getting more and more disturbed day by day. We all get more & more negative news from all the corners of world. It includes Financial, Social, Political, Terrorism, Education, Health & on & on & on. How can our fraternity remain spare from it?

We are facing so many key issues related to our practice like: Recent amendments in GPCB laws and its rise in registration charges almost 3 fold. Concession in electrical tariffs to big hospitals but not to really needed small size hospitals, day by day rising incidents of assault on doctors, PCPNDT act, ever burning issue of clinical establishment act, issues of medical students and resident doctors. The list is too long.

We strongly feel that though we expect many things to be understood from other side like people & government, but at the same time it’s high time to introspection too. We must change our working pattern as per need of the hour. Time has gone when people were considering doctors as God. If we want to gain that position back, lot many things seem to be done from our side too whether we accept or not. We need to work in a professional
manner, we mean in a systematic way. As number of sues are rising like anything & court is working & giving their judgments only on that basis. We should be legally and on paper right. That’s the need. We all have to learn this technique to save ourselves first.

Friends, IMA HQ is running one such wing which trains our members and create our establishment in such a way that we can sustain & fulfill the society’s demands. That is HBI: Hospital Board of India. You may have the details of it from our IMA HQ’s website. GSB office is also working on effective implementation of it over
entire state.

Leaders of Gujarat IMA has already asked for time to meet Honourable Chief Minister to discuss & short out various issues of us. We need your strong support time to time.

At this juncture we request all state leaders to work on increasing our membership strength and collecting existing members data what we are asking for continuously through our bullpen and website. But we hardly have full details of less than 50% of members of such a highly educated members association. Just have a thought about it.

At last we invite creative criticism, suggestions & feedback for overall improvement of our own monthly bulletin.

Jay Hind, Jay IMA.



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