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October 2016

Dear Friends,
When  this  IMA  GSB  Bulletin  reaches  to  you  Diwali  Festival  Celebration  must  have  started.  On  behalf  of
Gujarat  State  Branch  IMA,  I  sincerely  greet  you  and your  family  A  Very  Happy  Diwali  and  Happy  New
Year. May this new year bring prosperity to your life.
 Diwali also known as Deepavali, the Festival of Lights. This Festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over
darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil and hope over despair. I want to start my message with Sanskrit Shlok :
First of all, I sincerely congratulate Dr. Atul Pandya and his team and also to Organizing  Chairman  Dr.  Bharat  Kakadia,  Organizing  Secretary Dr. Chetan Lalseta and President Dr. Dilip Patel,   IMA Rajkot Branch for organizing such an Excellent and  Memorable GIMACON 2016 with very good feast of Academic Scientific Sessions and Medico-Social Seminars.
I  am  immensely  honoured  and  humbled  as  our  IMA  family  has  unanimously elected me as President of IMA Gujarat State Branch for the year 2016-2017. I must acknowledge  with  thanks  for  this  honour  conferred  upon  me.  I  am  thankful  to Ahmedabad Medical Association for nominating my candidature. I shall do my best to be worthy to your aspirations. It is my duty to pay respect to the luminaries and  academicians  who  have  been  striving  to  strengthen  our  Indian  Medical Association. I am aware that it brings lots of responsibilities on me as I need to fulfil expectations of our members.
It is our proud privilege that, Our Own Member of Gujarat State Branch IMA and Past President of IMA (HQ) and MCI  Respected Dr. Ketanbhai Desai is recently installed as a President of World Medical Association. It is a great Honour for Indian Medical Association. It is a big achievement as an Indian and we should be proud for his abilities.
As we all are well aware of the fact that Gujarat State Branch IMA has contributed tremendously at National and International level. Gujarat State Branch IMA has shown phenomenal progress during last 10 Years and it is one of the most vibrant association  at  national  level.  This  has  been  achieved  because  of  dedicated efforts of Our Past National President Dr. Ketanbhai Desai and Dr. Jitubhai Patel.
I  am  also  very  lucky  to  get  the  constant  guidance  and  inspirations  from  our  Past  Presidents  of  Gujarat  State  Branch  IMA  Dr.  Mahendrabhai  Desai,  Dr. Kirtibhai Patel, Dr. Anil Nayak, Dr. Bharatbhai Trivedi, Dr. Bipinbhai Patel,  Dr.  Shailendra  Vora  –  National  Vice  President  IMA  HQ,  Past  Hon. State Secretary Dr. Jitendra N. Patel   and ofcourse from Dr. Atul Pandya of Rajkot for his untiring efforts and from all the Past Presidents of Gujarat State Branch, IMA.
Now, let me come directly to the points which I feel that is a need of the day and IMA  should  work  on  it  and  I  would  like  to  initiate  few  things  during  my presidential tenure.

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