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January 2019


Dear Members,

Season’s Greetings.
First of all, we would like to convey our greetings for Uttarayan. Hope everybody has enjoyed the festival with family and friends.

On behalf of IMA GSB, we congratulate Dr Pragneshbhai Joshi for installed as National Vice President elect for year 2018-19 and Dr Atulbhai Pandya for elected as National Vice President elect for year 2019-20.

We congratulate the local branches, schemes, wings and members of GSB IMA for being awarded by IMA HQ for their valuable contribution at IMA NATCON-2018, Bengaluru.

We also congratulate Dr Mahendrabhai Desai, Dr Bipinbhai Patel, Dr Vinodbhai Shah, Dr Monaben Desai, Dr Aditbhai Desai for being appointed for various assignment by IMA HQ.

We are thankful to the IMA members, all the IMA Local Branches and entire medical fraternity who has supported and observed All India Black Day on 4/1/2019 against the CPA, NMC and IMC bill. The Government could not pass the draconian NMC bill on floor of LokSabha where it holds absolute majority.

5 major Loksabha Sessions , 18 months, Absolute majority on floor & the strong government resolve could not defeat the consistent,dedicated Indian Medical Association leadership.

Last 18 months entire fraternity witnessed the fight against the draconian NMC Bill including 2 withdrawal of  Services, IMA Bharat Yatra, Mahapanchayat, Dhikkar Diwas, Protest Day, Press & Social media massive coverage to the extent of more than 10,000 news reporting across country, Rally meetings with more than 400 MPs, Meetings with regional political leaders built the never seen mass momentum of IMA Strength all across the nation.

The IMA leaders spent days & nights using every possible resource to combat the government resolve to crush the fraternity.

The collective might of medical fraternity under the leadership of IMA has achieved a major milestone by successfully stalling the draconian NMC bill.

First time the united timely protests of profession with strategic political lobbying for more than 1 year has made it possible.

This further opens up future opportunities for IMA to be the major voice in deciding the health policies of our country.

It’s a golden page in the history of IMA & medical fraternity. This will mark the exemplary dedication, devotion, consistency, confidence of IMA as a milestone to be used by future generations to come.

Kudos to the entire medical fraternity.
Once again We are thankful to all the IMA leaders and members
Long Live IMA.

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