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Health Scheme

Our Aims and Objectives  of are to provide financial assistance to the members and his / her spouse on the  unfortunate events of hospitalization for management of the following diseases.


Rule.4.(B) Member who joins the scheme will get the benefit of :


(1)   Coronary Heart Disease Group:-

      Angioplasty, by pass surgery & valvular heart diseases surgery & Permanent pace-maker implant.

(2)   Kidney Disease Group:-  Haemodialysis, Renal Transplant, Renal Angioplasty.

(3)   Cancer Disease Group :- Surgical, Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy required for the treatment of all the cancers (Except carcinoma in SITU). Locally active basal cell carcinoma.

(4)   Brain Tumors Group.

(5)   Brain Hemorrhage – confirmed by C T Brain or MRI, Carotid & Cerebral Angioplasty.

(6)   Joint Replacement Group: Surgery for Total knee and Total hip joints only.

N. B. : Member above the age of 40 years at the time of joining the scheme will get the benefit of Surgery for Total knee and Total hip joints replacement after completion of 7 years of joining the scheme.


Rule.13 (2) Members have to submit Original papers as well as attested xerox copy of bills and receipts. Original bill & receipts will be given back after verification.


Rule.13 (4) Members will be given reimbursement depending upon.

(A) Approved (Recognised Hospital)

(B) Non-Approved (Non-Recognised) within the jurisdiction of IMA GSB

      In no circumstances non approved hospital should be out side jurisdiction of I.M.A. G.S.B.


(A) For Approved (Recognised) Hospital.

Members will be given re-imbursement of 75% of total amount of bill or fund collection from the members contribution up to maximum Rs: 50-00 per case which ever is less.


(B) For Non-Approved (Non-Recognised) Hospital within jurisdiction of I.M.A. G.S.B.


Members will be Reimbursement of 50% of total amount of bill or fund collection from the members contribution up to maximum limit of Rs:25-00 per case whichever is less.









* All Govt. Hospitals of India

* Apollo Group of Hospitals of India

* HCG Group of Hospitals of India



* Southern Railway H. Q. Hospital, Preambudur                              Chennai

* Bombay Hospital                                                                             Mumbai

* Breach Candy Hospital                                                                    Mumbai

* Harikishan Hospital                                                                         Mumbai

* Hinduja Hospital                                                                              Mumbai

* Jaslok Hospital                                                                                 Mumbai

* K.E.M. Hospital                                                                               Mumbai

* Lilavati Hospital                                                                              Mumbai

* Tata Memorial Hospital                                                                   Mumbai

* A.I.M.S. New Delhi                                                                        New Delhi

* Escorts Medical Health Centre                                                        New Delhi

* G.B.Pant Hospital                                                                            New Delhi

* Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre                          New Delhi

* Christian Medical College & Hospital                                             Vellore



* Municipal Corporation Hospitals of Gujarat

* CIMS Hospital  of Gujarat

* Shalby Hospital of Gujarat


* Sterling Hospitals of Gujarat

* Wockhardt Hospitals of Gujarat

* Zydus Hospital  of Gujarat



* Aarna Superspeciality Hospitals                                                      Ahmedabad

* Anand Surgical Hospital Pvt. Ltd.                                                  Ahmedabad

* APEX Hospital                                                                                Ahmedabad

* BAPS Yogiji Maharaj Hospital                                                       Ahmedabad

* C. L. General (Rajasthan) Hospital                                                  Ahmedabad

* Dr. Jivraj Mehta Hospital                                                                 Ahmedabad

* Krishna Heart Hospital                                                                    Ahmedabad

* Life Care Institute of Medical Sciences & Research                       Ahmedabad

* Nidhi Hospital                                                                                 Ahmedabad

* Parekh’s Hospital                                                                             Ahmedabad

* S.A.L.Hospital & Medical Institute.                                               Ahmedabad

* Siddhi Vinayak Hospital                                                                 Ahmedabad

* M M P J Kutchi Leuva Patel Hospital                                             Bhuj – Kutch 

* Sunshine Hospital                                                                            Bharuch

* Sterling Ramkrishna Speciality Hospital                                         Gandhidham

* Lions Hospital                                                                                  Mehsana

* DOMM Institute of Cardiology                                                      Nadiad

* D.Z.Patel(Ramol/London) Cardiology                                            Nadiad

     Center and Mahagujarat Medical Society.

* Muljibhai Institute.                                                                          Nadiad

* Subhadraben N. Shah Cancer Hospital                                           Nadiad

* Aash Hospital                                                                                  Surat

* Apple Hospital                                                                                 Surat

* Care Hospital                                                                                   Surat

* Nirmal Hospital                                                                                Surat

* P P Savani Hospital                                                                         Surat

* Pramukh Swami Hospital                                                                Surat

* Sheikh D.V.Shroff Ashakta Ashram Hospital                                Surat

* Shree Mahavir Gen.Hospital(Sagrampura)                                      Surat

* Shree Mahavir Cardiac Hospital                                                      Surat

* Sunshine Hospital                                                                            Surat

* Surat Gen.Hospital Balaji Road                                                      Surat

* Unique Hospital                                                                               Surat

* Banker’s Heart Institute                                                                   Vadodara

* Baroda Heart Institute & Research Centre.                                     Vadodara

* Bhailal Amin Gen.Hospital                                                              Vadodara

* Narhari Arogaya Kendra                                                                 Vadodara

* Premdas Jalaram Hospital                                                                Vadodara

* Sunshine Hospital                                                                            Vadodara

* Unity Hospital                                                                                 Vadodara

* Welcare Hospital                                                                              Vadodara

* Harilal Jechand Doshi Medical Research Foundation                     Rajkot

* Navalben Manilal Virani Genereal Hospital                                    Rajkot

* R.R.Kothari Polydiagnostic Hospital & Research Centre               Rajkot

* Satya Saibaba Hospital                                                                    Rajkot

* Anandbava Trust Dialysis Centre.                                                   Jamnagar

* Samarpan Hospital                                                                           Jamnagar

* Oswal Hospital                                                                                Jamnagar

Note :


·         Member  /  Spouse will get benefit only  after  completion  of  one complete year of joining the scheme.

·         After availing the benefit of the scheme for any one particular disease group, the same member will not get the benefit for the same disease group for next 2 years.

·         If  Member / Spouse is suffering from any disease at  the  time  of joining  scheme, he / she will not get the benefit of that  particular disease at least for 2 years.

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