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December 2015

Dear Members,
At the outset My best wishes to all of you for the new
year 2016.
I’m thankful to to all of you, all state council members
and all seniors and my mentors at IMAGSB for electing me
as Hon Secretary of this prestigious Association for 3rd
consecutive year & putting trust on me.
On behalf of all members, I would like to congratulate Immediate Past
President Dr Chetan Patel for successfully completing his tenure & achieving
National Award as Best Adjudged State President for last year. I also congratulate
IMA Vadodara Branch for excellent organization of GIMACON 2015. My best wishes
to Newly elected President Dr Atul Pandya for his upcoming tenure.
Friends, as you all are very well aware about recently popular word
“Intolerance .” But I have totally different views about it as far as medical fraternity
concerns. We doctors are so much tolerant that inspite of so many issues and
policies created by different health authorities which are obviously illogical and
unjustified to our fraternity. And still we tolerate all those without any external
resistance or opposition. At the same time at many places where I think we need to
be tolerant, we exhibit intolerance. At this juncture, I humbly request all of you, that
it’s high time to get united to fight for our rights and against injustice toward our
fraternity. Please please please, don’t think that others will do & if I am not
participating, there won’t be any difference. It’s a call from fraternity for our own
future not anyone else.
We have organized Young Doctors’ Convention at Ahmedabad for active
involvement of new generation into activities of Association. As the scenario is
changing very fast and we need to change ourselves accordingly.
I request all members to spare atleast 30-40 minutes a month to have a look
at our monthly bulletin. You will come to know about our activities as well as
through different advertisements, you may come to know so many newer things
coming to world.
At the end, we need your constant support, guidance and feedback for
successful administration of our beloved Association & monthly bulletin.
Jay Hind, Jay IMA



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