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September 2016



Dear Members,
As you all know, this is last message before our term ends in the month of October. We know that whatever
begins, ends. The same way our tenure will.
During this whole year, we visited different branches,HQ, Government offices, print & electronic media, members hospitals & so many other places. We had different experiences & we learnt a lot from those exposures.
So at the outset we humbly thank all our members and specialty those seniors who put their faith in us to bestow
the responsibility on us. We have worked hard through the whole year but still might not have fulfilled all expectations. We humbly bag your pardon for the same at this time. That might be our limitations. But never intention.
Many branches have done so many activities during this year & we have witnessed few of them. Specially the
ongoing community activities by so many branches have really inspired & motivated us. We are really proud of

heading such a noble body.
During this time many branches are having their change functions, we mean Installation of new Team. One more very important & proud moment for all of us during this period will be Installation of our own, respected & legendary Leader DR KETAN DESAI as PRESIDENT OF WORLD MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. That’s a real proud moment for all of us.
We also congratulate & assure our whole hearted support to incoming President of GSB IMA Dr Yogendra Modi
& his entire team during his tenure.
At the end our best wishes are always with our members and Association. We will be happy for the service of our own
Association anytime.
Thank you one & all

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