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September 2015


Dear Friends,

Today our profession is undergoing tremendous upheaval and we are wading through deep waters due to the continuous interference of the Government. There are several challenges in front of us.

Majority of our members are not aware of the Draconian Clinical Establishment Act. This act was actively opposed by IMA at all levels.

The security of medical professionals providing healthcare to the public has become a major issue. If the doctors are alwasy working under stress of being attacked by relatives if some untoward event happens with their patient how will be they able to perform their duty of providing a good healthcare. One should understand that the disease process takes its own course. At times media and public unnecessarily blame the doctors. Our state has Prevention of Violence and damage to property bill for Hospital and medical professional’s protection. FIR should be registered immediately against such persons involved in violence against doctors and hospitals.

We appeal to the members to constantly improve their communications skills and avoid situations leading to violence.

Another issue of utmost importance is concerning the Health Insurance. There is no clear policy adn directives. This requires an urgent attention and should be amicably settled so that all the stake holders are satisfied.

In the PPS seminar, organized by IMA Ahmedabad branch, the issue of IPC 304 & 304 A was well discussed. All the members should know the difference between two. IMA Guajarat Sate has many times represent to the Government of Gujarat regarding our concern for this.

Medicos are often falsely by the Government agencies and media for not going to villages. The lack of infrastructure in rural area, sometimes frustrates medicos working in the rural areas when they are unable to do justice while treating patients.

Friends,there are lots many issues and we have to unite. This is the need of hour. To overcome all the challenges we have to work in unison, ad it is possible only with your cooperation and support.

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