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October 2018



Dear Friends,
Kindly accept my heartiest congratulations on organising 70 th Annual Conference of Indian Medical Association,
Gujarat  State  Branch,  GIMACON-2018  on  27th  and 28th    October    2018    at    Himatnagar  ;  Which  your
branch is organising for the first time in the history under your  able  guidance  and  leadership.  It  is  indeed marvellous achievement for you and your branch.

IMA  has strong  representation in not only big cities but in small towns also. You are testimony to it.  I am also representing small branch,  DAMAN, which is at the border of Gujarat  State. Myself and my Branch members were very much delighted when I was elected as President IMA  GSB for  2018 – 2019, representing small branch like Daman.  My joy knows no bounds that myself and  my  team  will  be  installed  at  GIMACON  –2018  at Himatnagar.  I  have learned that this conference will be attended by more than 2000 doctors. I am sure that deliberations and discussions done in this conference will bear far reaching fruits for Medical Profession and Community.

We  all  know  that  our  noble  profession  is  facing  so  many  hurdles  and challenges everyday in various forms, either by Government or by public,  but IMA has always stood strong like rock and has guided it’s members to its full
potential and showed them correct path. Friends, together we will protect and safeguard  our  noble  profession,  and  will  serve  with  all  humanity  and humbleness for the betterment and upliftment of our society and our country.
Friends, we all know that in recent past when Kerala met with the natural disaster,  IMA  also joined and helped in massive relief programme by Doctors in Medical  camps, providing drugs, daily necessary commodities. IMA had
immediately contributed with financial aid also.  I wish GIMACON 2018 grand Success and all the Best.

Long live IMA



Dear Members,
Season’s Greetings.
First of all I would like to thank Dr Jitubhai B. Patel, Past National President, IMA HQ ; Dr Mahendrabhai B. Desai , Chairman, Finance Standing Committee & Past Presidents of GSB IMA, My Seniors and All the State council member of GSB IMA , who put faith in me and elected as a Hon. State Secretary of this Auspicious Association for the third year consequently   and give me opportunity to serve this association which worked for upliftment and betterment of our medical  fraternity  and  society  at  large.  I  am  also  thankful  to Dr.  Bhupendra  M.  Shah,  Immediate  Past  President  of  IMA-GSB  for  his whole Hearted support through out our tenure during  last year.

During last year we had raised our voice to show our Solidarity of Medical Fraternity in form of Peaceful Protests, Rally, Fast, Black Bedge etc. Almost every  IMA  Local  Branches  and  members  supported  and  made  every
movement successful. I ask for the same support to continue our fight in future.  I  hope  every  IMA  Local  Branch  and  members  will  prove  our Strength and Unity.

I  am  thankful  to  Dr  Jitubhai  B.  Patel,  Dr  Mahendrabhai  B.  Desai, Dr  Yogendrabhai  S.  Modi,  Dr  Kirtibhai  M.  Patel,  Dr  Bipinbhai  M.  Patel, Dr  Jitendrabhai  N.  Patel,  all  the  Office  Bearers  of  GSB  IMA  and  State
Working Committee members for their constant Support and Guidance throughout the  last year and seeking same kind of help for my next  term.

In the last, I must congratulate   IMA Himatnagar Branch and the whole Organizing  Committee  for  successfully  organized    GIMACON-2018  at Himatnagar  and  they  worked  very  hard  to  make  GIMACON-2018, A Memorable One.
Long live IMA

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