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November Bulletin 2014


At the outset wishing you a very healthy season. Its difficult to wish for winter or monsoon. As we all are waiting to have gentle start of winter immediately after Diwali, but surprisingly many parts of the state is experiencing effects of monsoon. Friends , have we ever sincerely thought why such unnatural events are taking place frequently in nature itself? Do you accept, we human beings are responsible for all such
changes in nature? Friends we do accept but this is high time to act upon rather than reacting & discussing. We people are smart enough to get to the crux of the story in short. Don’t wait for others to take initiative. Just begin if you really feel so.

Anyway, as you all know that we are marching towards a mega event on 27 & 28 December, 2014, IMA NATCON 2014. An event after a span of 25 years. A conference of our own parent body, IMA. We all know but at the same time many of us resist to contribute & participate in such rare & prestigious events. For any problem related to medical field we all expect parent body to do something.

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