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March 2019


Dear Members,
Season’s Greetings.
Hope all of you might enjoyed ‘Holi’, the festival of colours. May everyone’s
life is as colourful as Holi.
Most  of  the  students  are  free  from  tension  of  school/board/university
exams and in  mood of vacation, wish them a wonderful vacation. Wish a
great success to a students preparing for NEET.
On behalf of office bearer & members of Gujarat State Branch, IMA, we
congratulate Dr. Anil Nayak, Past President, Gujarat State Branch, IMA for
being appointed as a Incharge Vice Chancellor of Hemchandracharya North
Gujarat University & Dr. Vijaybhai Deshani for being appointed as a Pro Vice
Chancellor of Saurashtra University.  We wish them a great success.
We  congratulate  the  Ahmedabad,  Vadodara  and  Surat  branch,  for
successfully organising a Workshop on NABH as directed by Hospital Board
of India, IMA HQ & Ahmedabad Branch for organising PPS Zonal Educative
It is unfortunate that from 1947 till date HEALTH has never been on any
political party manifesto nor any leader has taken up it seriously.
GDP on healthcare stands lowest. Even smaller countries have more GDP.
This has resulted in poor healthcare structure in the country.

The health sector in India has never been given the priority it deserves,
leading to grossly inadequate services at levels. The allocation of meager
1.1% of GDP for health services  speaks  volumes about the apathy  of
successive governments towards this most important determinant of social
and economical progress of a nation. Health sector being one of the largest
employer  of  the  population  and  “the”  largest  employer  of  the  female
population certainly deserves more attention from policy makers.


Indian Medical Association, the national association proposes to launch a
HEALTH FIRST initiative.  The aim of the HEALTH FIRST initiative is  to
provide a holistic approach to health care sectors, having common man as
focal point.
Through this initiative ,we wish to  offer our services as   a think-tank,
support and pressure group to the government both at national and state
level so as to bring health at the  forefront on the agenda of political parties.
After exhaustive discussions and deliberations with multiple stake holders
and experts  ,Indian  Medical Association have prepared a document of
health issues which need urgent attention of the government & political
Here are some of the points presented as “MAGNA CARTA FOR HEALTH” ie,
the  Health manifesto for our country-
Increased public expenditure in Health Care.
Universal Health Coverage through government funding
Private Public Partnership facilitated by not for profit institutions.
Emphasis on Primary Care and Rural Health Care
Structured Universal three tier reference system.– Primary, Secondary
& Tertiary care
No Criminalization of Medical Profession.
Quality  public  funded  medical  education  governed  by  autonomous
democratic regulation.

Now the festival of democracy is everywhere in the country. Parliament
election is going to be held between 11 April to 19 May and in Gujarat, it’s
on 23 April. Be a responsible citizen of India and use your wisdom and
power to vote.
Hope forthcoming elected government will consider our MAGNA CARTA
FOR  HEALTH,  and  implemented  seriously  in  the  larger  interest  of  the

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