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March 2018



Dear Members
Season’s Greetings!
Medical profession is facing an unprecedented challenge as never before.
The exclusive privilege and right of modern medical practitioner to practice and prescribe modern medical drugs enshrined in MCI act through clause 15 (A) is to be lost with the enactment of NMC.
By providing two types of registration in NMC 6 lacks of Ayush doctors with bridge course are to be allowed to practice modern medicine .
This is legalisation of quackery and exposing the rural population to health hazards it is also discrimination as far as health care is concerned.
NEXT for MBBS graduates is again gross injustice to modern medical doctors.
While MBBS graduates need next for registration AYUSH with bridge course are eligible for direct registration.
Government is saying that there is not enough doctors and promoting AYUSH bridge course and through NEXT the government is denying 50 percent of the qualified medical graduates registration to practice.
This is double standard.
Government wants NMC to replace MCI to prevent corruption but many of the clauses provide loopholes for promoting corruption.
NMC is so faulted that any number of amendments cannot correct it.

Our national president has rightly taken up the challenge  A build up through Bharat Yatra, cycle rallies, chathre sakthi ,and meet the MPs Programme culminating  in  Maha  Panchyat  hopefully  influence  the  government  to
withdraw the bill.

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