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March 2016


Dear members,
Greetings from office bearers of GSB IMA.  New financial year  has started just now. At this juncture, we would like to express our view that we doctors do hard work in our profession & earn good enough. But many of us are very poor manager of their hard earn money.   As we plan & organise our daily medical work, we should do the same in this part also. Because this is very critical part of our life & most of us take it very lightly. So our request to all our colleagues that this is the right time to do it now if you are not doing so.
As you all know our medical fraternity is passing through turmoil situation since last few years. Our fraternity is grossly criticised from almost all front that includes our own members also. We don’t deny all allegations at the same time we don’t agree with all of them. But our request to those who make allegations to look  into  the  matter  genuinely  &  think  of  all  the  pros  &  cons before making any derogatory statement for such a highly noble
& respected profession.
Recently, Govt of Gujarat has issued a notification in which they  have  prefixed  Physiotherapy  people  as  doctors.  We  have strongly objected against such notification & we are into the process of legal steps for the same. We have sent many quotes & judgements favouring our say & the matter is still pending.

In the last budget of Gujarat State, they have reduced the electric tax for big hospitals & non profitable hospitals with bed capacity  more  than  15.  We  have  demanded  to  pass  on  this benefit to all hospitals irrespective of number of beds.
Many of our local branches are doing excellent community, family  &  scientific  programmes  at  their  place.  They  do  send report to us & we regularly print it in our monthly bulletin too. We insist other branches also that do send regular reports to state office along with your positive suggestions to improve the quality of our bulletin. We need your feedback.
Do enjoy the vacation with your loved ones, get your battery recharged & serve to the best of your ability to your patients.

Jay Hind, Jay IMA.
Thanking you all,

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